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All of us are susceptible to getting a “COMMON COLD” at some point throughout the year. The common cold is caused by a VIRAL INFECTION. In children, symptoms of the common cold may include SNEEZING, NASAL CONGESTION, COUGH, RUNNY EYES and sometimes fever. Simple things you can do to help your child with their cold include cleaning their nose with NASAL SALINE spray or drops to help relieve congestion, use of a COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER at night, elevating the head of the bed to assist with post nasal drip related cough and keeping them WELL HYDRATED. Children over the age of 1 year may use a honey elixir to help with coughing at night. Children who develop FEVERS with cold symptoms, WORSENING RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS, EAR PAIN with cold symptoms or signs of DEHYDRATION with their cold will need to be seen by the pediatrician.


SORE THROAT is one of the most common complaints in pediatrics. As mentioned above sore throat can be a symptom of the COMMON COLD as well as other VIRAL ILLNESSES or allergies. STREP THROAT is a bacterial infection that causes sore throat and requires ANTIBIOTIC TREATMENT after confirmation with a THROAT SWAB.  If your child has a sore throat you can support them with pain relief medication, adequate fluid intake and rest. If your child’s sore throat is accompanied by fever, difficulty swallowing or has persisted for >24 HOURS they should be evaluated by the pediatrician to rule out strep throat infection.

The information presented in this section is not intended to take the place of your personal physician’s advice or diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information is intended for your general knowledge only